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Transport Workers Union Local 250A

1508 Fillmore St. #211 ,  San Francisco, CA 94115

Phone (415) 922 - 9495

Safety News

Safety is and will remain our number one priority. All operators are reminded and required to adhere to all safety and traffic laws. The following is a list of challenges the membership faces.

Red Lights and Stop Signs

All motor coach and trolley operators are required to make complete stops at all red lights and stop signs. Proceeding through a stale yellow light is strictly prohibited. The SFMTA is using the drive camera to record these incidents. They will use this information if acquired in progressive disciplinary action. This can be avoided by strictly adhering to the safety procedure. These rules are contained within your rulebook and in SFMTA general issue bulletins.

Rail Operators

All rail operators must make a complete stop at all double XX. A double XX as all members know, is a mandatory stop. At some double XX stops there are point-on switches. It is the operator’s responsibility to check and make sure the switches are set for the appropriate direction of travel. If there is a problem, do not proceed, and notify Central Control.

Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use is strictly prohibited. This is clearly defined within the rulebook as well as California state law. Cell phone use as well as an earpiece are both prohibited while operating a transit vehicle in service, or while pulling into service or returning the vehicle to the division. During your layover, you should not sit in the driver’s seat and use a cell phone. We recommend that your cell phone use during your layover, is done outside the vehicle. The vehicle must be secured before leaving.

In emergency situtations only, we recommend that you notify Central Control of a an emergency. Pull the coach into the bus zone safely, secure the coach, and notify any passengers that you have an emergency situation. Step off the coach and make your call. Please be aware that visitors and residents of San Francisco are clearly observing operators cell phone use. Please be aware that the SFMTA has a zero tolerance policy regarding cell phone use.

Wheel Blocks

It is every operator’s responsibilty during pre-op of their transit vehicle to ensure that they have a wheel block in their possession before pulling out into revenue service. During your layover, if you leave your transit vehicle unattended, you must set the parking brake and curb your wheels. If operating a motorcoach, you must put the transmission in neutral and then shut off the engine. When leaving the transit vehicle, you must always put your wheel block at the rear end of the motor coach to prevent rollaways. This is clarified in your rulebook.