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Transport Workers Union Local 250A

1508 Fillmore St. #211 ,  San Francisco, CA 94115

Phone (415) 922 - 9495


Important Information

Essential Documents Necessary to Maintain Driving Status

Ensure your driver’s license, medical and VTT credentials are up to date. If your credentials are not up to date and you fail to provide them on request, you will be locked out. Only the VTT credentials can be reconciled within the training department located at 2640 Geary Blvd. Your driver’s license and medical credentials must be reconciled at Human Resources located at One South Van Ness, 6th floor. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your division chairperson.

DUI – Protect Your License



California state law requires that a class B commercial driver maintain valid insurance on all personal vehicles that are driven. If you are cited by California Highway Patrol or a city police officer for not providing proof of insurance and/or you are unable to provide proof of coverage for the specific day that you were cited in a court of law, you will be considered uninsured. You will be subject to losing your class B license for one year.

You may obtain proof of insurance through your insurance provider. If you do not have any auto coverage insurance, please call the Civil Service Employees Insurance Group at (800) 282-6848, extension 1. You will be referred to an agent in your area.

Workman’s Compensation

There are a few important points that all members should be aware of regarding Workman’s Compensation.

All members who are hurt while on the job site, must notify their immediate supervisor. The 9163 classification must notify central control or the street supervisor.

All instructions regarding light duty or remaining off work by your designated provider appointed by the SFMTA, must be adhered to.

If you wish to change medical providers, you may only do so after 30 days of being under treatment by the original designated provider appointed by the SFMTA.

A written request of your chosen medical provider must be sent to Sedgwick Claims Management Services.

Your chosen medical provider must be a contracted Workman’s Compensation physician and approved by Sedgwick Claims Management Services.

Situations that may cause you to be AWOL:

You fail to wait 30 days before changing medical providers

You fail to notify Sedgwick Claims Management Services of your new medical provider that must be approved by them.

Failure to adhere to instructions given by original designated provider by the SFMTA to return to work or light duty.

You can find out more information regarding Workman’s Compensation by speaking to your Division Chairperson. You may also browse the Sedgwick Claims Management Services website.